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Accessibility to leagues and awareness of opportunities are two of the biggest challenges girls face when they first get interested in football. Below is a list of resources that help bridge the gap between a desire to play, and actually getting out on the field.

Neighborhood Sports

Discover and sign up for girls only flag football leagues, ages 7-14.

Gridiron Flag Football

Learn about the safe, fun, and co-ed Gridiron flag football leagues

Gridiron League Finder

This convenient tool helps you find a Gridiron flag football league near you.

i9 Sports Programs

Find an i9 flag football program near you.

i9 Coaching Resources

Learn how you can become a flag football coach—and make a difference in the lives of children.

NFL Flag Resources

Find everything from FAQs to a league that’s right for you.

NFL Flag l Registration

Start your own flag football league with a little help from the NFL.

NSCA Flag Football

In college or on your way? Check out the complete list of college flag football teams.

Fuel Up To Play 60

Apply for the chance to receive funding and/or equipment from Fuel Up to Play 60 to support your school’s wellness goals.