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The performance drink of gamers

Milk has been fueling athletes and competitors like you for centuries, providing the nutritional foundation for optimal gaming performance with nutrients that help support focus, provide sustained energy and help gamers stay hydrated. And that’s just the beginning. We’re on a mission to build the greatest gaming community ever, one level at a time, and we need your help to create safer spaces to play – so everyone can perform their best.

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We're game
We're  Game

Milk is the Performance Drink of Gamers, and your home for all things gaming is right here on our Discord. Your hub for early-access to games, exclusive competitions, prizes, opportunities to collaborate with us on gaming experiences, and a supportive community all around you. Plus, your favorite streamer might pop in to chat!

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A first-of-its-kind esports circuit designed by women in gaming for women in gaming. Where trios will go head-to-head in a Battle Royale tournament Fortnite series for the largest women’s esports prize pool in North America.

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Zany Ziplines is on UEFN! Floating platforms are connected entirely by ziplines. Power up with Milk along the way to be the last person standing. Can you secure a Victory Royale on our Space Map?

Code: 8187-5242-2015