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stream QUALIFIER 3 on JULY 25TH, 7PM ET

Milk’s pledge

Fueling change

Women compose nearly half of the gaming community, yet only comprise 5% of esports players, with no representation in the top 500 highest overall earners.

So we decided to help level the playing field in esports.

Milk is fueling change by creating The Milk Cup in partnership with @ThePeachCobbler, WOTE and Raidiant’s all-women production team. A women-take-all Tournament Series where anyone who identifies as a woman can compete safely and ruthlessly against one another, for the largest prize pool in North America:

The quarter million. Could it be yours?


Receive live event updates, engage in fun chats, play in exclusive community tournaments
after each event, and cheer on your favorite gamers.

Tournament schedule

Watch the streams on Twitch and Youtube

Qualifiers 1


Pre-Qualifiers Finished



Pre-Qualifiers Finished


July 25

Pre-Qualifiers July 18

FALL 2024

tournament format












Top 11 teams from each QUALIFIER
go on to the LAN Finals

Teams 12-16 receive a spot in the next Qualifier


Trios of the best Fortnite players will attempt to outlast one another, over four events, in an effort to claim the largest North American prize pool in women’s esports history, and the first-ever Milk Cup trophy! Plus, all travel and accommodation expenses are covered for the IRL Finals.

May the best team win.




$25k each



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Who’s eligible to compete in The Milk Cup?

You must be a US citizen, green card holder, student or working visa holder, or hold any visa that allows you to receive income in the United States and have a valid Tax ID number. You must be residing in the US at the time of the matches that you are participating in.

You will be required to submit your government identification, complete a W-9 form with all applicable information, or submit your student or working visa in order to receive any prize money, prior to any matches a player competes in.

If you are between the ages of 13 and 17 and meet all other requirements, you are eligible to participate in the event with a parent or guardian waiver. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17 and earn a spot in the LAN Championship, you are required to have a parent or guardian chaperone in attendance with you.

Are player substitutions allowed?
Substitute players may only be used in Qualifier stages and in cases of emergencies as determined by Event Administrators.
When is the registration period?
Registration is open! To be eligible for each Qualifier, your team must have completed all
registration steps by the following dates:

  • Qualifier 1: May 5th at 11:59 pm ET
  • Qualifier 2: June 2nd at 11:59 pm ET
  • Qualifier 3: July 7th at 11:59 pm ET
    After I register, what else do I need to do before The Milk Cup?
    Once our team completes the verification process and you are approved, you will be added to The Milk Cup Event Hub on Discord which contains further information. Please make sure you have done the following before match times:

    1. Once you have joined the server, complete the “U.S. Eligibility Form” and, if you are under 18, the “Parental Consent Form” in the #registration channel of the server. You will not be approved to be on a team in this event until you complete these forms.
    2. Once all of your team members are approved and have joined the server, complete the “Trio Verification Form” in the #registration channel.
    3. Check out the rest of the server for more event information and use the support channels in the server if you have any questions.
    4. Review #stream-setup and ensure that your stream is set up accordingly.
    5. Download Yunite client here. If you are not familiar with Yunite, review the match-joining process. A guide is available here.
    6. Join your game-day server when it becomes available to you. This will happen after qualifier lobbies are announced.
    7. Make sure to keep notifications on for your game-day server!
    What if I don’t have a trio?

    That’s no problem. We’ll add you to a Discord channel to find potential teammates.

    When will we find out what Qualifier Lobby our team is in?
    We will announce the randomized Qualifier Lobbies as soon as we can, following the registration deadline for each qualifier.
    How much is the total prize pool and how will it be paid out?
    The total prize pool is $250,000! Each of the three Qualifiers will be worth $25,000, equalling $75,000 of the total pot.

    The LAN Championship is worth $175,000.

    Here’s how it will all be paid out.

    Qualifier Prize Pool Structure:
    • 1st-place team: $7,500
    • 2nd-place team: $4,500
    • 3rd-place team: $3,000
    • 4th-place team: $2,250
    • 5th-place team: $1,500
    • 6th-place team: $1,250
    • 7th-11th: $1,000
    Total for each Qualifier: $25,000
    Grand total for all three Qualifiers: $75,000
    LAN Championship Prize Pool Structure:
    • 1st-place team: $75,000
    • 2nd-place team: $30,000
    • 3rd-place team: $15,000
    • 4th-place team: $7,500
    • 5th-place team: $6,000
    • 6th-place team: $4,500
    • 7th-place team: $3,600
    • 8th-place team: $3,300
    • 9th-place team: $3,000
    • 10th-place team: $2,700
    • 11th-place team: $2,500
    • 12th-place team: $2,100
    • 13th-place team: $1,800
    • 14th-place team: $1,500
    • 15th-20th: $1,200
    • 21st-25th: $900
    • 26th-33rd: $600
    Grand total for LAN Championship: $175,000
    Do we have to pay taxes on our earnings?
    It is your responsibility to understand the tax burden of receiving prize money. To receive prize money, the tournament organizer requires that you submit complete and accurate tax forms. Failure to do so will result in delayed or withheld prize payments.
    Are accommodations covered for LAN championship participants?
    Yes! Flights to and from US destinations as well as hotels for the duration of the championship weekend will be covered for all LAN participants and guardians for players under 18 years old. 
    I still have more questions; where can I get help?
    If you have not yet registered or received verification, or would like more detailed information, please contact us at For initial verified players, help is available through the #support channel in The Milk Cup Event Hub on Discord.


    Using our platform, we’re creating safer spaces and game experiences everyone is welcome to play. Please join us as we continue to build the greatest gaming community, one level at a time.

    You’re gonna need Milk for that.

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