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Wide Receiver

ABOUT Adrienne

Hometown: Alexandria, Va

The only active football player with more rings than Adrienne Smith is that quarterback out of Tampa. So why haven’t more people heard about Adrienne and her story?

Adrienne Smith

It’s the same reason you haven’t heard about many of the amazing women playing football today: Female athletes are consistently under-represented and under-appreciated.

Growing up Adrienne didn’t have access to organized football for girls. She made do playing with the boys in the neighborhood. It wasn’t until college that Adrienne learned about the women’s tackle league. She tried out and the very first time she touched the ball, she scored.

Now, even after a 16-year career, two gold medals, and four national championships, Adrienne is still hungry for more. For more titles, more recognition, and more women in the sport. If all goes to plan, Adrienne is positive that the number of girls who are going to play, dominate, and love football will skyrocket.

Her deep love for the sport is fueled by a passion for fitness and nutrition. Milk also plays an important role in that story. It helps her build muscle, and it helps her recover so that she can keep pursuing everything from her next record to her next ring.

Why I love milk

“Milk builds muscle, period.”