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Milk and chocolate milk are important parts of a training routine. That’s because being active puts greater demands on your body, and drinking both milk and chocolate milk can help ensure you’re putting the right stuff in.

That means a naturally nutrient-rich way to fuel athletic performance and the recovery that comes after. But knowing when to drink milk can make all the difference.

Drink milk one to three hours before exercising to prep your body for activity—this gives your body time to absorb all the nutrients.1

Drink chocolate milk right after you exercise to help replenish muscle protein. Athletes drink lowfat chocolate milk post-workout because it helps restore muscles quickly to their peak potential and replenish what the body loses during strenuous exercise—including fluids, important nutrients and electrolytes (calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium) lost in sweat. Lowfat chocolate milk contains the right balance of carbs and protein scientifically proven to help refuel exhausted muscles.2-3

Milk also helps rehydrate you better than commercial recovery drinks. That’s because milk has electrolytes and stays in your body longer—keeping you hydrated well after you’ve left the gym.