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Real milk is the leading food source of 9 nutrients in children 2-18 years of age, including calcium, vitamin D and potassium, and each 8 oz glass of milk provides 13 essential nutrients. Together, these nutrients fuel kids during their critical growth years and beyond.1-2

Decades of research and hundreds of scientific studies support the benefits of milk and milk’s nutrients — especially for growing kids.3 Experts recommend the following daily servings of milk and dairy products: 2 cups for 2–3-year-olds, 2.5 cups for 4–8-year-olds and 3 cups for children ages 9 and up.

A growing body of research suggests that regularly drinking milk during the growing years (all the way through late teens/early 20s) is associated with greater height in the teen years, while research has linked regularly skipping milk to reduced height and increased fracture rates.4-6